Top 3 US bus travel destinations

Do you feel like taking a vacation but don’t have the funds? There are so many destinations in America that you can visit without breaking the bank. In this list of our top 3 US bus travel destinations, we explore the best cities to visit for bus travelers. Read More

1. San Antonia, Texas
San Antonio opens its arms to 3 million tourists each year. There is something magical about this city that is infused with that spicy Mexican culture.
San Antonio is about 150 miles north of the Mexican border. It’s a great way to introduce your kids to that Mexican culture without having to leave the United States.
There is a frontier life at the Buckhorn Salon & Museum. Tourists get to experience cowboy paraphernalia and a large array of animal antlers and horns as well as Native American teepees.
You can purchase a bus ticket to San Antonio via Greyhound and once you get to Texas, you can use the bus to travel around the city.
They use the VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio which has buses plying every route you can ever think of.
There are lots of holiday inns and hotels at the famous River Walk district. If you want something cheap the Bullis House which goes for less than twenty-five bucks per night. A refashioned decorated hotel designed in a vintage Mexican style could set you back as much as $115

2. San Diego, California
Unlike its neighboring cities Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Diego is a deal city. You can get to move around and stay in really cheap hotels and vacation homes. It is one of the top 3 US bus travel locations.
One of the main reasons why Americans visit San Diego a lot is because its beaches are ranked top in the nations. They are usually opened to the public. You can swim or surf as you deem fit.
Tourists can go scuba diving off its shores and see spectacular creatures of the sea that you probably won’t see in other cities.
Another attraction is the San Diego Zoo which happens to be one of the largest zoos in the United States. The zoo has all kinds of animals including a panda that has been successfully bred there.
With less than $39, I was able to find a Greyhound bus from Phoenix connecting to San Diego. Flying by air would have been more expensive.
While it’s true that San Diego is on the coast and you can arrive by a cruise ship, the price is a deterrent to most travelers.

Another example where we saved money by using buses was in Madison, Wisconsin. My friends and I decided to get a party bus rental in Madison from this company, to celebrate a very special birthday. When we split the costs, it was less than $40 per person for 6 hours of pure fun!

This is why most tourist come visiting in buses.

There are budget friendly hotels in San Diego. The average hotel there appeals to young, budget savvy Americans who have traveled from their city to experience the beaches of San Diego. Some travelers who don’t mind sharing bathroom and kitchen with other guests could pay as low as $20 per night making up more savings to do other things.

3. Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City is our third most visited US bus travel destination. It is rated #1 for affordability in the American’s Favorite City survey
Located in the Midwest and known for spicy barbecue and diverse culture and art. Kansas city is famous for its free city attractions.
There are lots of historical architecture laden all across Kansas cities such as the enormous Wichita Botanica garden which features an aquatic collection and butterfly garden.
The interesting about traveling to Kansas is that it is in the middle. You can link to Kansas from anywhere at a cheap rate via bus travel.
Once you do get to Kansas, you will need to rent a car if you intend to go into the inner parts of the city. The bus system is not as extensive as what we have in San Diego. The buses only serve the core of the city.
The average price of hotels in Kansas is not as cheap as what you will find in San Antonio, but you will be able to find some Air BnB for cheap in the city which presents an advantage of how to move around the city as a local.

Sophia Martin