Proper Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

Maintaining your Stunning Cedar Shake Roof

One of the best ways to add value to your home is by using proper roofing materials. While asphalt and metal roofing are very commonly used, the trend is slowly changing to using natural materials for roofing instead of using materials made from petroleum products and other non-renewable products. This has seen the high rise in the use of cedar shakes as the best roofing alternative. Our transportation service and deliveries for shake roofs are increasing in certain areas of the country.

Cedar shakes are both unique and elegant and been in use for centuries. Cedar is a tree grown in so many places all over the world with the countries that grow them in abundance choosing cedar shakes as their best-preferred roofing material. The wood is split into small pieces that make the shakes. They are soft and give the roof a kind of rustic appeal that blends well with almost every architectural design around it.

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Why use cedar shakes?

The reasons people prefer using cedar shakes to other products are many. In some areas of Alabama synthetic shake roofs are a popular option. Roofing companies in Birmingham like Authentic Restoration prefer synthetic shake as opposed to wood shake. Below are some of the reasons


While most of the other roofing materials are petroleum and other non-renewable source products, cedar shakes are 100% natural. The cedar tree is grown, harvested and sustainably processed without adding anything to the final product.


Cedar shake roofs are durable and resistant to ultra violet damage, pests and insects. The roofs can withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy rains, storms, sun, hails and strong winds without coming apart or changing and give good service of between 25-40 years. Splitting or shrinkage is not a bother when it comes to cedar roofs.


Since the wood has air-filled cells, it makes the shakes very good insulating materials. During summers, cedar roofed homes remain cool and warm during winter.

Cedar Shakes Roof Maintenance

During installation, cedar roofs require very special skills and care to make sure they last long. However, after installation, do not forget all about your roof and assume everything is okay up there. The cedar shakes need a lot of maintenance to maintain their strength and to prevent anything from destroying them. Below are some guidelines to maintain cedar shake roofs.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of the cedar shakes is necessary to avoid the shakes from decaying due to infestations. Things like moss, fungi, lichen and mildew eat through the wood until it starts coming apart. However if this happens, then power washing by an expert is recommended. This pressure wash is like sanding the roof and gets it back to looking good.


In case there are any cedar shakes looking deficient, they need replacing immediately. This avoids further extension of damages and instead of waiting to replace the whole roof, does away with the damaged percentage and your roof is good to go.

Proper attic ventilation

The attic is the room nearest to the roof and needs good ventilation. Poor ventilation of the attic leads to the accumulation of moisture and heat, which in turn lead to roof rotting. Avoid a deteriorating insulation by properly insulating the attic and your roof will live for long.

Regular treatment

Overtime, cedar shakes start weathering and discoloring. This makes them lose their beauty and natural look. It is wise to treat the cedar shakes occasionally to retain their natural look by using products that can withstand any weather condition. To avoid any damages to the roof or surrounding foliage, only use experts to carry out the process. The experts will advise on the best products to use.

Our Conclusion

Keep the warmth and beauty of your home intact by following the above guidelines. After all regular maintenance saves you a lot maintenance costs and gives you a warranty that your roof will last for a couple more years before the next maintenance. And remember if you need transportation for your heavy roofing materials, contact us!

Sophia Martin